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Introducing the Compact Home Lift

If you’re looking for home lifts, the Compact Home Lift from Next Level Elevators is a through-floor lift providing home access for those in need of a convenient, quiet and compact alternative to stairs.

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With over eighty years’ experience in the lift industry from installation, service, technological development and prototype improvement. Compact lifts are now a leading brand helping to keep customers in their homes for longer – at a very affordable price. If you need home lifts, elevators like the Compact from Next Level Elevators will go above and beyond your expectations.

We are present in each state with our own guys not sub-contractors, in the unlikely event your lift breaks down our 24-hour manned phone line will pass your details onto our rostered serviceman, letting you sleep safe in the knowledge we are always on hand for you, our valued customers.

Home Lifts Elevators in Sydney & Melbourne, Australia

To give you an idea of the size of a Compact lift, we’ll send you a fold-out template, to place in your home and see where it will best fit. If you need home lift elevators, the Compact is the sure choice!

Major Benefits and Huge Cost Savings are:

  • There are MAJOR cost savings to our lift.

  • It has the smallest footprint on the market with 0.62m²

  • Maintenance is extremely low and Cost effective
  • Your lift will stand the test of time
  • Eco-friendly, fully electric, cost saving, and economic Home Lift

  • Covered by a 24-hour monitored support service
  • Installation usually takes 1 day.
  • The lift will add value to your home

  • There is virtually no lead time on our lifts.

  • All of our elevators are approved by and registered with the relevant State authorities.

  • The compact home lift is designed specifically for the home lift market, not an afterthought of old technology.

Technical Specifications:

Drive Roped drum, braked gear motor drive
Power Supply 220 – 240v AC I lOAmp Standard household power point (3Amp Max current)
Maximum Load 170kg I 27st I 3751b (2 persons standing or 1 person sitting)
Maximum Travel 3.6 Metres
Entrance Security Full height light curtain/ motion sensor – optional full height door
Maximum Speed 0.15m / Second
Warranty 2 year parts and 1 year labour warranty
Compliance European Machinery Directive 2006 / 42 / EC & Australian Standard 1735 Part 15
Rope Diameter 6mm Galvanized steel rope
Additional Sensors Out-of-balance & overload, over-speed detection and light curtain
Lighting Type 2 x 3w LED downlights
landing Call Stations 2 Wireless remote control units – call/ send facility (3 x standard AAA batteries in each)
Installation Operation Typical installation takes one day Hold-to-run controls
Configuration Single entry or double entry/ thru-car

Compact Classic Lift Footprints