At Next Level Elevators we are proud to call ourselves Australian. Proud too that we are swimming against the current as we still manufacture some of our elevators in Australia. It’s a big point of difference.

Why Australia? It’s about recognising the enormous talent here and utilising it to promote a win-win culture. It’s about having faith in Australian workers, Australian designers, Australian standards.

Yes. We make things here. It’s a rare milestone, to be sure, and part of our greater commitment to our fellow Australians, from Melbourne to Brisbane. It’s what our customers want, what they crave, what we believe in.  And it doesn’t stop at the factory or showroom floor because at Next Level Elevators we install and service our entire range, from home to commercial elevators and lifts across the continent.

It means the world to back Australian ingenuity with actions. Our customers can be sure they’re purchasing premium-quality elevators, made to our demanding standards. All our elevators are registered with and approved by relevant state authorities.

Forget cheap imposters. As an example, our Ascent Home Lift represents what’s so good about our company values. Made in Australia, low-maintenance, green and clean while still maintaining style and functionality it punches above its weight. Using local parts and local suppliers, we manufacture with excellence in mind. Our skilled men and women live and breathe Australian craftsmanship.

Designed in Australia with Australian businesses and houses in mind, the Ascent is built in Campbellfield, Victoria. Why here? For starters, manufacturing in Australia ensures fast turnaround of production – and cuts lead times by up to 50%. It’s a win for local job creation and helping to control the manufacturing process. It helps us match demand. Moreover, when our current employees design lifts they’re best suited to oversee the process.

Plus, we’re contactable in the real sense – based in Australia for your peace of mind, as opposed to an overseas phone centre. Connection, we believe, is essential to understanding our workers and customers alike. Connection to Australian standards. Connection to Australian workers. Connection to Australian lives.

More than a storefront, at Next Level Elevators we value designing and manufacturing in Australia because creators and innovators are also part of the Australian story. With over eighty years combined industry experience, time-honoured Aussie knowhow is part of our DNA. It’s also an increasing part of our future.

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