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Lift Shaft


The AU shaft was specifically developed with the Australian building industry in mind. This ‘barebones’ shaft is both a practical and affordable solution for elevator installation.

AU Lift Shaft
AU Shaft
Cabin and doors not included

Ingenious structure

The AU shaft ensures the optimum running condition for our range of elevators. Using the AU shaft helps avoid shaft building errors and expensive rectification work. The AU shaft is a self-supporting structure and doesn't require a structural wall; making it an exceptional option for both new builds and retrofits.

Type Modular
Material Aluminium
Structure Self-supporting (no structural wall required)
Maximum height* 20m
Country of origin Italy
Packaging Flat-packed (no crane required)

Easy installation

A near turnkey solution, the AU shaft helps make the lift installation a seamless experience. The modular shaft can be easily transported and adapted onsite.

  • Affordable
  • Configurable
  • Adaptable
  • Effortless Surfacing
  • Easy Installation

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