Home Lift PricesĀ 

How much do home and residential lifts cost?

The prices can vary substantially depending on the elevator provider and the quality of the lifts provided. Our aim at Next Level Elevators is to provide high quality elevators, which offer the best value for money, adhere to the highest safety standards and are stunningly beautiful.

We offer a range of home lifts which range in price depending on the specific elevator and the customisation options selected.

The Eltec Volare is our most affordable elevator, followed the Eltec HLB and the Eltec HLG.

To receive an accurate price for a home lift, it is important to request a free quote from our team of professionals. Once we properly understand the scope of works, we can help you select the right elevator for your project and accurately price it for you. Quotes can often be provided within 2 business days.


Other Costs

There are additional costs each person should also consider in the elevator purchase decision:

  • The cost of building the shaft (some companies hide this).
    • This is important as no elevator can be installed with the required shaft being built. This we can outsource this or complete it on your behalf. Either way, this cost will be noted in your quote.
  • The cost of servicing the elevator each year.
    • This is not considered by many and it is why we recommend people do not choose inferior hydraulic elevators which are more prone to break down and issues than high quality electric elevators.
  • The cost of running an elevator
    • The cost of running an elevator has never been cheaper with the option of fully electric lifts, some of which use a super-efficient counterweight system.

Home Lift Prices