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The Eltec HLG is the pinnacle of elevator design and technology. Meticulously crafted in Italy, this elevator comes with a host of premium finishes and an extremely spacious cabin.

Eltec HLG Home Lift
Fully electric elevator
Extra large cabin
Exclusive premium finishes

Opulence personified

The most eye-catching lift on the market, the Eltec HLG is our flagship elevator. Design, technology and quality culminate to create a stunning statement piece.

Regulations Referenced Australian and European
Drive system VVVF Gearless Counterweight System
Country of Origin Manufactured in Italy
Capacity 200 – 450KG (wheelchair capacity)
Maximum Travel 12m
Number of stops 6+
Maximum Speed 0.3m/s
Pit Depth 100mm
Headroom 2300mm
Motor Room Not applicable | Motor housed within shaft
Power 10A single phase supply 230v AC
Emergency control buttons Located by upper door

Customise your elevator

The Eltec HLG is fully customisable and has a wide range of premium finishes. Even if your interior style changes in the future; Eltec HLG finishes can be easily adapted to accommodate.

  • Silver Mirror
  • Bronze Mirror

Wall Panels


Control Panel


  • Silver Mirror
  • Bronze Mirror





Residential property featuring Eltec HLG

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