Residential Elevator


Manufactured in Australia using local suppliers and materials, the Ascent elevator strikes a balance between style and affordability. Utilising the latest electronic technology, this elevator is known for both its quality and reliability.

Ascent Home Lift
Quick turnaround | Local stock installed within 3-4 days
No structural wall required
Customisable cabin

The perfect balance

Stylish, affordable and economic to operate; the versatile Ascent elevator embodies the meaning of balance.

Regulations Referenced Australian
Drive system VVVF Electric Drum Drive Passenger Lift
Country of Origin Manufactured in Australia
Capacity 250KG (wheelchair capacity)
Maximum Travel 7m
Number of stops 4
Maximum Speed 0.25m/s
Pit Depth 100mm
Headroom 2400mm
Motor Room Not applicable | Motor housed within shaft
Power 230V single phase / 16A dedicated MCB

Customise your elevator

Select from a range of beautiful internal cabin surfaces, which include a curated range of solid colours and embossed woodgrain finishes.

Ascent Home Lift

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