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Here, at Next Level Elevators, we’re happy to question convention and think differently in order to lift the customer’s experience. It’s about improving. It’s about offering choices. It’s about understanding that technology and environmentalism can be good friends. It’s more than a facelift. It’s a positive overhaul. It’s progress.

With a new decade upon us, we’re about working smarter than ever before at Next Level Elevators. Thus, our eco-friendly Eltec HLB elevator is about the present and the future, about delivering positive outcomes that don’t leave a big footprint, about adapting and blending in a fast-changing era. In a nutshell, it’s clean, green and a better machine. As standard hydraulic elevators phase out, it’s also a smart choice for forward-thinking customers. We wouldn’t do it any other way.

First and foremost, users of the modern eco-friendly Eltec HLB elevator will notice its reliability. Unlike inferior alternatives, it stops at the same time, so you can set your watch to it. No unpleasant surprises. No wondering about safety. No loud noise pollution issues either because the motor is housed within the lift’s shaft making for a pleasant experience. With great use, comes a great need for peace and quiet.

Our customers are also for cost and energy savings – and we know how to meet their needs. Running on a 10amp power supply therefore sets the Eltec HLB elevator apart. Hydraulics, by way of contrast, run on 40amps. It’s a big difference for a good cause and one we’re proud of. We will never say no to cost-saving innovations.

Looking good is also a requirement. Why compromise style for efficiency? Relying on minimalist principles, the green elevator is easy to clean – and easy to upgrade in coming years if so desired. Indeed, its walls and ceiling can be replaced within two to four hours. After all, we’re big on flexibility. It’s more than a consideration. It’s a value.

Finally, Next Level Elevators is happy to offer a service-friendly choice for today’s busy clients. Our eco-friendly elevator’s fuses and batteries can easily be replaced. We love its economical credentials in these complex times too as the weight of the counterweight or the cabin is doing most of the work for your convenience – and saving you money. Plus, with fewer moving parts, there’s less room for failure ensuring you finish the decade stronger than when you started. Now that’s thinking differently.

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