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At Next Level Elevators, we support local and international artists. Therefore, we’re proud to establish a relationship with Nicolas Dixon, the British artist responsible for art creations across our Sydney and Melbourne offices. Recognised internationally for his striking colours, black lines and use of biomorphic shapes, the creative is inspired by the psychologist Carl Jung’s collective unconscious theory as well as the power of revelation through the display of one’s innermost feelings.

It’s deep stuff, yet fun too.

The self-identified spiritual artist is in high demand, or as Marie Claire USA says,

‘Nicolas Dixon is THE UK abstract artist making ripples in UK.’

VICE likens his energetic output to Keith Haring – and it shows.

When Nicolas Dixon even touches his paintbrush, you suspect a big surprise is only moments away. It’s a guarantee. For in pursuit of his art, he’s willing to take himself and us along for a bumpy ride across his mind’s eye to new and exciting places, real and imagery.

Dixon’s art has changed significantly over the years. From detailed black and white abstract shapes to experimentations in colour from early 2011. As he states: ‘They started off quite minimal with block colour but as time’s gone on my style has evolved and now includes more detail.’

He’s also a master of ambiguity. Or as he relates: ‘I still keep things as ambiguous as possible. What can look like the hand of one character is…the nose of another. I try to get across how I view life in general. Everything can be looked at in different perspectives.’ You can feel the passion in his voice.

Ambiguity. Bold ambiguity. It’s what private collectors and the public appreciate about Dixon’s output, from Sydney, Australia, to Antwerp, in Belgium. He keeps it real as well as mysterious while never compromising on style – and his passion attracts passion.

Not confined or restricted to places or cliques, Dixon exhibits a strong confidence one associates with some of the greatest pop artists of the last century. For this artist at least, it’s more important to embrace one’s individuality in a world susceptible to trends with short use-by dates.

In short, the British innovator is a refreshing mixture of talent, individualism and stamina, judging by his output. Throw in some street smarts and bold colours and the results speak for themselves.

Take a bow, Nicolas Dixon.

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